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Students host Passover with jU's supportPosted 2014-04-15 by admin

15 students have signed up to host seders in their homes and dorms throughout the week of Passover. They receive financial support, training and ritual items (like our custom UChicago seder plate) from jUChicago.

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jU's Seder WorkshopPosted 2014-04-07 by admin

13 student seder hosts gathered last week in the off-campus apartment to share a meal and start planning their seders. Ari, the jU intern who ran the seder workshop, walked the students through several activities and facilitated a wonderful...

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Symbols of the UChicago Seder PlatePosted 2014-03-31 by admin

This seder plate was designed by jUChicago interns, and will be given as a keepsake to any student who signs up to host a Passover seder in their apartment or dorm.  The Reg: Not only does the life of the university revolve around the Reg and...

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Rabbi Benay Lappe gives her famous CRASH talk to jU interns.Posted 2014-03-07 by admin

The student interns really enjoyed learning about Rabbi Lappe's theories on developing the svara (moral intuition) to become a player in creating the next Jewish future. Rabbi Lappe was recently named one of America's Most Inspiring Rabbis by the...

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Outdoor Jews, forced indoors by the weather, have a great time potting plants & dreaming of spring.Posted 2014-03-07 by admin

For Spring Quarter, these Outdoor Jews are planning some bike rides up north and other fun outdoor activities. Check back soon for updates!

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